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Title: Bazis scholarship funds and student achievement
Authors: Roikhan Mochamad Aziz
Keywords: lcaraing achieuemcnt;BAZIS;zahat
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: IAIN Surakarta
Series/Report no.: Volume 1;No. 2
Abstract: This iesearch aims to n Iyre the effect of the distribution of BAZIS (Council for Z,akat Adminisration) scholarship funds on student achievement in EasrJakarta. Data has been gathered from BAZIS scholarship recipients in the period 2014 to 2015, with the sample selected by means of random sampling. Validiry reliabiliry, classic assuqrpdon, different and multiple regression tests are employed to analyze the data. The results statisticdly show that the variables of achievement can be orplained by distribution variable, usage pattern, controllingoand gender in the amount of 96,60/o and the remaining 3,4o/o is influenced by other variables. This research argues that independent variables have significant effect on student learning achievement.
ISSN: p-ISSN: 2503-4235. E-ISSN: 2503-4243
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