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Title: Teori H Sebagai Ilmu Wahyu dan Turats dalam Islam
Authors: Roikhan Mochamad Aziz
Keywords: H'Theory;Hahslm' Qur'an' Islam';Science
Issue Date: Jun-2016
Publisher: UIN Sultan Syarif Kasim Riau
Series/Report no.: Volume 24;No. 1
Abstract: The concept of conventional found the form of M theory that almost able to unite the dimensions of time and space, but it ,iiy lro'"' unclear structure and systematics of tlte concept itself. Islam in the Qur',an surah al-Hijr [15]: 87 was able to interpret the dimensions of time and space by tiered meaning of signiJicance 7 and Qur'an' H' Theory as a Jbrmula could be more better and more precisely' because it can synchronizewiththesymbolsofrootwordoflslam.TheHohslmequationH:Ah (SLM) can be obtoinri by a single theory thai fs also based on values of Islam and derived from al-Qur'an-the word of Altah. This God equation would be the answer for the conventional scientific development that based-on empirical values together with science of Islam that bosed on the value of worship or intangible volue' In the end, the human civilization is able to break through the impasse of united science that stagnates in order of dffirent dimensions' And Islam will be recognized as a single formula in human thought'
ISSN: 1412-0909/E-ISSN: 2407-8247
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