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Title: Nyabek Toloh: traditional bid in Madura culture a review of sociology of Islamic law
Authors: Yayan Sopyan
Keywords: nyabek toloh;marriage proposal/ abhakalan;Islam;culture;Madura
Issue Date: Jul-2018
Publisher: Jurnal Ahkam: Fakultas Syariah dan Hukum UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta
Series/Report no.: Vol.18, Nomor 2, Juli 2018;
Abstract: Indonesia is a country built on the pillars of diversity, in terms of ethnicity, culture, custom, and religion. Indonesian society is also known as a religious society, with religious values in various aspects of life. However, Indonesia is not a religious country, nor a secular country. If for Indonesians, religion is not their main purpose, then, it is a part of their life. There has been a smooth cohesion between religion and tradition in Indonesia. One of the examples is the tradition of Nyabek Toloh in Madura, which is a marriage proposal tradition. This paper examines the practice of nyabek toloh in Romben Guna village, Dungkek Region, Sumenep-Madura. The purposes of nyabek toloh are to symbolize the establishment of a relationship between the family of a male and female fiancé; to show the responsibility of a man to a woman by giving toloh; to maintain man’s dignity, and to maintain the tradition of sangkolan (elders). Conducting nyabek toloh is a must in abhakalan (marriage proposal); the absence of nyabek toloh will lead to the cancellation of abhakalan.
Description: peer review
ISSN: 2407-8646
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