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Title: Penyelamatan Arsip Daerah: Analisis Terhadap Program Kearsipan Kota Tangerang
Authors: Lolytasari
Lilik Istiqoriyah
Lita Nurmalasari
Eni Yasmin
Keywords: Archive preservation;archive access;local archive
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2018
Publisher: Al-Maktabah
Abstract: The other issue that the life cycle, because it is based on linear progression, cannot encompass is that of electronic records. In a paper environment, where the record is a physical item, it is possible to capture and file it, take it out and review it, store it in acid-free boxes, conserve it and so on as the need arises. In a paper record the message (writing) is inextricably attached to the medium (paper), but electronic records (e- recs) are virtual – they only exist as binary digits randomly stored in a computer until you call them up. The medium is separate from the message. Unless you plan all the necessary maintenance processes at the time of their creation and capture they simply will not survive to become archives. Issues such as technological obsolescence, the need to migrate data to new platforms, the safeguarding of the authenticity of a record as it undergoes updates, and decisions on precisely how long its life span will be all have to be dealt with at the outset. Continuum
ISSN: 0125-9334
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