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Title: Social sciences & humanities
Authors: Sri Mulyati
Issue Date: 4-Apr-2019
Abstract: ABSTRACT Belief in Jihad (holy war) is key for a believer of Islam in the social theological sphere, where faith and jihad are not separated. Discussions among theologians and religious experts on the meaning of jihad and the thoughts they put forth have undergone changes and have developed over time. Concrete political situations have also affected views and opinions toward jihad and have, eventually, led to pragmatism and realism among ulamas and Islamic thinkers in their understanding of jihad. This paper attempts to explore the meaning and concept of jihad in Islam via textual and contextual interpretations. The writer’s own research has yielded that jihad has wide meaning and is not limited to war alone because Allah had ordained Muslims not only to take up arms, but also to believe INTRODUCTION The paper aims to deliberate both on the textual and on the contextual meaning of the term jihad. Textually, the term jihad discusses in order to better understand the arguments about it. Contextually, the paper focuses on an understanding of the reasons behind jihad and the role it plays in a particular holy war in terms of its existential meaning (which refers to the fight against lust) in the quest to defend Islam. This paper discusses the objectives of jihad in Islam as a way to glorify the name of Allah and to fight against cruelty and unfairness on God’s earth
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