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Title: Pembelajaran geometri dengan media wingeom untuk meningkatkan kemampuan representasi visual siswa
Authors: Gelar Dwirahayu
Lava Himawan
Dedek Kustiawati
Keywords: wingeom; visual representation; geometry
Issue Date: Jun-2018
Publisher: FITK UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta
Abstract: There are a lot of beneficial of geometry in the daily life, therefore geometry becomes one of the five content standards in mathematics according to NCTM besides numbers, algebra, proportion, and statistics and probability. The low of students ability on solving geometry problems caused by low of students’ visualization and spatial in geometry. Often students only use a single point of view to image an object geometry. Visualization can not be taught by using any strategy, but students’ visualization will be good if they trained, because the quality of students' knowledge in geometry is not determined by the accumulated knowledge, but more determined by level of thinking process on geometry. The purpose of this research is develop students’ visual representation using Software Wingeom. The research was conducted on 2nd semester of academic year 2016/2017 in Public Senior High School 10 South Tangerang. The sample of the research are Class X- as experiment class and Class X-7 as control class. The research method used is quasi experiment with randomized subjects posttest only control group design. The instrument used in this study is a test. The test consists of two categories of questions, 10 questions are multiple choices and 6 question are essay. The conclusion that the students’ visual representation who was tought using software Wingeom is higher than students’visual representation who was taught using manual props, besides that, using of software Wingeom, students can seeing, recognizing, and making various forms of geometry build more effective, besides the students were able to transform the previously abstract object into more concrete and meaningful with the various functions contained in software Wingeom.
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