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dc.contributor.authorMukhtar Ikhsanid
dc.description.abstractSubstances or exposures from the environment may cause cancer. Environmental factors can include a wide range of exposures, such as: lifestyle factors (nutrition, tobacco use, physical activity, etc.). naturally occurring exposures (ultraviolet light, radon gas, infectious agents, etc.), medical treatments (chemotherapy, radiation, immune systemsuppressing drugs, etc.). workplace exposures, household exposures and pollution. Approximately 70,000 chemicals are now in commercial production, many of which are used in household products. Many of these chemicals accumulate in the human body and cause cancer and other diseases, yet they have been inadequately tested or remain completely untested for their safety. About 600 of these chemicals are known to cause cancer. Many chemicals used in household products are volatile. That means they become gaseous at room temperature or are sprayed from an aerosol can or hand pump and thus take the form of microscopic particles that are easily inhaled. They can cause damage to the lungs or other organs as they are taken into the bloodstream. Carcinogens do not cause cancer in every case, all the time. Substances labelled as carcinogens may have different levels of cancer-causing potential. Some may cause cancer only after prolonged, high levels of exposure. And for any particular person, the risk of developing cancer depends on many factors, including how they are exposed to a carcinogen, the length and intensity of the exposure, and the person's genetic make
dc.publisherDepartemen Pulmonologi dan Ilmu Kedokteran Respirasi FKUIid
dc.titleRisk of Lung Cancer from Household Carcinogenid
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