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Title: Feminist Perspective On Body In Patricia Mccormick’s Sold
Authors: Lusy Syarifah
Advisors: Inayatul Chusna
Keywords: Feminist Perspective;Nepalese Culture;Patriarchal Culture;Women’s Body
Issue Date: 24-Oct-2018
Publisher: Jakarta : Fakultas Adab & Humaniora UIN Syarif Hidayatullah
Abstract: Women are conditioned inferior and powerless in patriarchal culture. Women are object for the men through their body. In this research, the writer analyzes the meaning of women’s body in feminist perspective in McCormick’s novel Sold. This research aims to know how the body is described by analyzing women character Lakhsmi and Ama in Sold and how their bodies are understood in Sold. Other characters find they both as unattractive women because their body are skinny, their breast and waist are not plump. Nevertheless, they can do heavy works. Moreover, Lakhsmi claims that her own strength above man’s. Although they both are described strong in physic, but their strengths do not take them into powerful women because they live in patriarchal culture that assume the men are the authorities and the symbol of honor. In addition, women bodies are valued based on their appearance, not strength. The results of this research are: Firstly, the body is a medium of culture. It is shown when Lakhsmi gets her menstruation at the first time. She has to carry out Chhaupadi tradition and forbid to appear before men, and the way of praying to the beautiful goddess indicates the standard of beauty in this culture according to the characteristics of the goddess. Secondly, the body is commodity. It is shown when Lakhsmi is sold to the brothel. Her price is determined by her appearance, age, and virginity. Lastly, the body is women’s sex oppression because Lakhsmi and Ama are powerless than men. It is caused by their sex as women although they do the heavy works and their strength above men’s, women only do domestic work like serving the men and child and they are still powerless.
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