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Title: Relationship between afghanistan and the united states of America during Obama Era (2009-2016)
Authors: Zuhal Hassanzada
Advisors: Ahmad Al Fajri
Keywords: United States; Afghanistan; democracy; liberalism; peace; taliban; obama;security; cooperation
Issue Date: 18-Dec-2017
Publisher: FISIP UIN Jakarta
Abstract: This thesis explains the relationship between the United States and Afghanistan in the context of their divergent national security interests. This thesis uses the qualitative method as a research methodology in order to explain and report the data, facts, and behavior of the state actors which involved in this thesis, the U.S and Afghanistan include their strong yet fluctuates relations. This method also used to give more understanding about the relations of the two countries from the perspective of Liberalism theory. And in the context of theoretical framework, this thesis uses the theory of Classical Liberalism which explained specifically in the concept of peace, democratic, and human rights. According to the concept of democratic, the liberalism believe that the constellation of the world is dominated by conflicts and the states need to maintain and keep the peace for the better world order. And one of the way to gain peace for the world and in the relationship with another political actor in the world, a country need to be a republic in shape and the democratic one as the democratic ideology tends to come along with the liberalism way. That purpose is influence the U.S foreign policy and behavior to Afghanistan. And the peaceful condition of a country could foster it to take an active role to maintain peace in the region and world. But the internal condition in Afghanistan is unstable due to the insurgency of Taliban and Al Qaeda. This condition makes the U.S to intervene the security sector by keeping a relation with Afghanistan which shown by making the cooperation agreement of contra insurgency. The mission of their cooperation was to bring peace, safety, and more stability to Afghanistan and also to against the power of Taliban and prevent that rebel group from taking over the country.
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