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Title: Language attitude at user languages in student affairs organization of the PRIMORDIAL (error analysis language studies)
Authors: Hindun
Keywords: study ANAKES (error analysis language studies); organization of Student Affairs; primordialism; interference; language attitude
Issue Date: 19-Nov-2018
Publisher: Fakultas Ilmu Tarbiyah dan Keguruan
Abstract: Students is academic employee cannot be separated from the environment of the origins of its existence. Moreover, living in Indonesia in which converge diverse ethnic groups and languages. To this end the use of local languages often appear in everyday communication. Communication built fellow students in the Organization of Student Affairs takes Indonesia language as a bridge that is capable of bringing together a sense of nationality and unity in this country. What are some word choices that appear when using languages in the Organization of the student center that was built as a manifestation of primordialism? Qualitative descriptive method to answer the curiosity of researchers in order to develop the study of error analysis language so that terdeskripsikan the use of languages in the organizational environment of Student Affairs is the reason. The focus of this research on four student organizations that serve the subject are HMB (the set of Students of Bogor), RIMASI (Riungan Student Sukabumi), PMP (Purwakarta Student Association) and IMT (Student Bonding Tegal) in the region in Ciputat. The results of this study showed that the use of the language of the members of the Student Affairs Organization consequential primordial it with different levels of language errors. Errors in the process of applying the rules of the first language (B-1 = mother tongue) in the use of the second language (B-2 = Indonesian Language) and due to variations in the source of the sound of each speaker became the most findings in the study, although there is also a transfer that is positive is If B1 and B2 have the same customs, so in this case it will not happen errors.
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