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Title: Omparison of slang translation strategies between tv and dvd subtitle of the hangover part Ii Movie
Authors: Siti Noer Rachmawaty
Advisors: Moh. Supardi
Keywords: they are paraphrase;transfer,;imitation;deletion
Issue Date: 24-Jul-2018
Publisher: Jakarta: Fakultas Adab & Humaniora UIN Syarif Hidayatullah
Abstract: The researcher discusses the translation strategies of slang language used by two different translators in The Hangover Part II movie. The purpose of this study is to compare the translation strategy used by TV and DVD translators in translating the slang words of the movie. The researcher uses descriptive qualitative method, where the researcher describes one by one of the slang words that were found in the movie by using theory of Chapman. To focuses on the study, the researcher limits types of slang, only in primary slang. Then, the researcher analyzes and compare the strategy that used by both the translators to translate the slang words by using theory of Gottlieb. The result of this study shows that there are seven subtitling strategies used by both the translators to translate the slang words. The TV translator uses four strategies, they are expansion, paraphrase, transfer and imitation. Meanwhile, the DVD translator uses six strategies to translate the slang words, they are paraphrase, transfer, imitation, deletion, resignation, decimation.
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