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Title: Pengaruh harga, label halal, pelayanan, promosi dan lokasi terhadap keputusan pembelian : Studi kasus koperasi syariah 212 Ciputat
Authors: Ainur Rizki Putra
Advisors: Burhanuddin Yusuf
Ady Cahyadi
Keywords: price;purchase;location;promotion;service;halal label
Issue Date: 28-Aug-2018
Publisher: Jakarta: Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis UIN Syarif Hidayatullah
Abstract: The results showed that the price, Halal Label, Service, Promotion and Location simultaneously significantly influence the Purchase Decision on consumers of Koperasi Syariah212Ciputat. The result of the research also shows that partially Price, Halal Label, Promotion and Location have significant effect on purchasing decision on consumer of Koperasi Syariah 212 Ciputat and service partially have no significant effect topurchase decision on consumer of Koperasi Syariah212 Ciputat. Adjusted R Square value of 0, 707. This means that the price variable, Halal Label, Service, Promotion and Location able to influence Purchasing Decision of Ciputat Cooperative 212 Ciputat for 70, 7%. While 29, 3% influenced by other factors outside the model under study.
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