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Title: The strategy of video games contents translation in „grand chase-m‟ game
Authors: Nurrahman Hakim Suryawan
Advisors: Muhammad Farkhan
Keywords: Translation;Transcreation;Video Games;Translation Strategy.
Issue Date: 16-May-2018
Publisher: Fakultas Adab & Humaniora
Abstract: In this research, the researcher concerns with the video games translation study. That is the translation strategy of English into Indonesia translation in “Grand Chase-M” video game published by Davincigames Co., Ltd. The aim of this thesis is to find out how the strategy of “Grand Chase-M” video game term is translated from English language into Indonesia language in video game. This research uses qualitative method to explore the objectives of the research. The researcher also uses himself in collecting data through several steps: to find the translation strategy contained in the video game, to classify and analyze the types of translation strategy from video game “Grand Chase-M” based on Alberto translation strategy in video games theory, then determine the most dominant type of translation strategy and describe the translation strategy of “Grand Chase-M” video game and finally concluding the result. In analyzing the data, the researcher used comparison method to compare between the SL and TL term that were analyzed through the objective of preserving the expectation of video game player. The result of this research shows that 1) there are three type of translation strategy used by the video game translator based on Alberto and other expert video game translation theories, they are: First, 1) Literal translation strategy 8 data, Domestication Strategy 3 data, and 2 Transcreation Strategy. Second, the most dominant type of translation strategy is Literal translation strategy. It has highest frequency data, there are 7 data of 13 total data.
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