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Title: Metacognitive Attitude and Ability of Students and Teachers on Science Program Class
Authors: Yanti Herlanti
R. Bambang Aryan Soekisno
Keywords: Metacognitive, ability, attitude, science content
Issue Date: 7-Jul-2018
Publisher: American Scientific Publishers
Series/Report no.: Vol. 24, 5320-5328, 2018;
Abstract: Metacognitive knowledge becames a target on Indonesia curriculum to improve the accomplishment of Indonesian students’ higher order thinking skill. The study aimed to explore the metacognitive attitude and ability of teachers and students in Science Program Class. The study used survey research design. There were 166 students and 30 teachers involved in this study. The study found that more than 70% of students have did 36 attitudes of metacognitive, but 40%-50% of students rarely did four attitudes of metacognitive in their learning. All of teachers have done all aspect of metacognitive attitude in their teaching. However, teachers and students have low science metacognitive ability. The mean of metacognitive score test is around 0 to 33. No Significant relations between metacognitive attitude and metacognitive ability. Based on the findings, the study suggests that school should develop drawing pictures or diagrams to help students understand while learning, using the organizational structure of the text to help students learn, asking their self question about the material before they begin the learning, and asking their self question about the material before they begin.
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