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Title: Analisis Pengaruh Inflasi, Turnover Ratio, Expense Ratio, Ukuran Reksadana, Dan Umur Reksadana Terhadap Kinerja Reksadana Pendapatan Tetap
Authors: Galih Pangestu
Advisors: Indo Yama Nasaruddin
Keywords: Inflation, Turnover Ratio, Expense Ratio, Size of Mutual Funds,;Performance of Regular Income Mutual Funds in Indonesia;Age of Mutual Funds
Issue Date: 5-Jun-2018
Publisher: Jakarta : Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis UIN Syarif Hidayatullah
Abstract: This research is aimed to anylize the effect of Inflation, Turnover ratio, Expense ratio, Size of mutual funds, and Age of mutual funds against the performance of fixed income mutual funds in Indonesia. Time periode that used in this research is two years, start from 2015-2016. This research is classified as associative causal research. Using interest rate of Bank of Indonesia as a research data. The rate of Inflationin this periodof research, Net Asset Value (NAB), and effective date of 30 regular income mutual funds as a sample using technique “purposive sampling”.Performance of fixes income mutual funds measured with Sharpe Index and treynor. Data from the study analyzed by multiple regression test. Result of the research shows that Inflation has negative and significant effect to performance of regular income of mutual funds. Turnover ratio, Expense ratio, Size and Age of mutual funds doesn’t affect the performance of fixed income of mutual funds. Result of test F, appropriateness of model shows independent variable simultaneously affect the dependent variable. Result of test R^2 signifies the relationship between independent variable and dependent variable is strong.
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