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Title: Pengaruh e-service quality terhadap e-customer satisfaction dan e-customer loyalty pada Toko Online shopee (studi kasus pada pengguna Toko Online Shopee)
Authors: Evita Rahayu
Advisors: Muniaty Aisyah
Keywords: e-service quality;e-customer loyalty;e-customer satisfaction
Issue Date: 10-Apr-2018
Abstract: This research is aimed to analyze the effect of e-service quality on e- customer satisfaction and e-customer loyalty. item questionnaire used as many as 20 items. Data collection is done by distributing questionnaires to customers who at least routinely shop once in a month in Shopee with the number of samples of 100 respondents determined by nonprobability sampling method. Data analysis technique used is Partial Least Square-Path Modeling Reflective Multidimensional Construct (Second Order Construct) with SmartPLS 3.0 software and 5% significance level. The results obtained in this study are e-service quality has direct effect to e- customer satisfaction, e-satisfaction has a direct effect on e-customer loyalty, e- service quality has direct effect on e-customer loyalty, and e-service quality has indirect effect to e-customer loyalty through e-customer satisfaction. The advice for the company is to improve online-based services online both in terms of management and infrastructure. Suggestions for future researchers are able to refine with better theories and data and research not only on the e- commerce sector but also in other technology-based business areas.
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