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Title: Living hadith: The phenomena of fidyah prayer and fasting tradition in Indramayu
Other Titles: Living hadith
Authors: Atiyatul Ulya, Masri Mansoer, Nurkholis Sofwan
Keywords: living hadith, tradition of fidyah prayer and fasting, Indramayu
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Atlantis-Press
Series/Report no.: 978-94-6252-456-9;
Abstract: This article explains the phenomenon of fidyah sholat and fasting tradition in Indramayu. Generally, fidyah prayer which is performed by the society still raises a quite heated controversy. It is different from the "fidyah fasting" which has been agreed upon the whole Muslim society. From those debated ideas, the people in Indramayu still perform the tradition in a various way. One of them is the "fidyah" with specific rituals, such as the fidyah in the way of rotating back and forth the rice or money (Geong), the fidyah which is given before a corpse is prayed, and the fidyah on the seventh day of the death of a person.
ISSN: 2352-5398
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