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Title: Pesantren Mahasiswa (Berpijak pada Tradisi Menatap Globalisasi)
Other Titles: Pesantren Mahasiswa
Authors: Lilik Ummi Kaltsum
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: UIN-Maliki Press
Abstract: The pesantren (Islamic boarding school) education system as stated by KH. Abdurrahman Wahid, is the same as the military education system. Both are equally implemented in a special building in which a military officer or student could obtain an integral experience. As part of the national education culture, pesantren is classified into a separate subculture in Indonesian society. The pesantren education system is considered capable of shaping the mindset and behavior of its students in addition to being capable of giving a strong influence in shaping and maintaining the social, cultural, political, and religious life. As a character-forming institution, pesantren teaches a wide range of values that is proven to be the provision of students in life. Abdul A'la formulated three basic values that should be reflected in the students, namely independence, sincerity, and simplicity. The implementation of the three values proportionately can prevent people from having negative impacts of globalization in such forms as dependence and consumerism which will destroy the pillars of the human race. On this stand, some PTAI (Islamic colleges) in Indonesia have still retained the presence of pesantren. The increasing negative impacts of the era of transformation and globalization have become the main reason of encouraging students to go studying to pesantren. The participatory role of pesantren has until now been still needed by the Indonesian people. The presence of pesantren in colleges is expected to play an important role in sowing the moral values that will be reflected in the everyday behavior of students. These ideals have been echoed by pesantren for college students. In terms of expertise, a student still has lofty moral values that are marked by the maturity in dealing with all the problems of life; is expectedly mature enough and strong in building either vertical or horizontal relationship. However, it needs a new formula to make it happen in the present context, so the presence of pesantren for college students is not just a formality. Rather, it is actually expected to contribute to the college, especially its graduates who are qualified in science, noble in character, and resilient in dealing with the problems of the age. Therefore, major conclusions of this paper is firstly, schools must provide students habituation to the students of a religious habit that will foster skills throughout life; secondly, technical bid "of encouraging to go studying to pesantren; thirdly, a recommendation to the Ministry of Religious Affairs (MORA), PTAI leaders and administrators of pesantren for college students. This paper is enable the PTAI to compete in the world class university and be strong in their Islamic roots.
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