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Title: The effects of personal attitude and spirituality to happiness of single mothers
Authors: Yunita Ihtiarini
Advisors: Yufi Adriani
Keywords: personal attitude;spirituality;single mothers
Issue Date: 19-Jan-2015
Abstract: This study aims to determine the influence of personal attitude and spirituality towards happiness single mothers. The variables of this study amounted to 7 independent variable that is a personal attitude, spirituality (the meaning of life, a spiritual experience, positive emotions and rituals), and because the work becomes single mothers and one dependent variable that is happiness. Quantitative approach used in this study, the multiple regression analysis as a method of analysis. While it through non-probablity sampling, obtained a sample of 150 single mothers. Measuring instrument used is the Happiness Scale, Scaleof Spirituality and Personal attitude scale. The results are not significantly influence personal attitude towards happiness single mothers, but these variables still contribute. While the spiritual aspects that affect single mothers happiness is the meaning of life and ritual variable, while the spiritual experience and positive emotions have no effect. Furthermore, demographic variables also affect the work of single mothers happiness and self-employed freelance jobs where otherwise happier than housewives, teachers and civil servants. For single mothers become either divorced or deceased spouse does not affect the happiness of single mothers, but when compared to single mothers due to divorce happier than those whose partners died.
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