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Title: The Representation of Islam Identity on the Commercial TV's Advertisements
Authors: Ida Rosida
Sulhizah Wulansari
Keywords: Representation;Islam Identity;Indonesian Veiled Women;Advertisement
Issue Date: Jan-2018
Publisher: Atlantis Press
Abstract: This article discussed the use of veil by Indonesian Muslim women which was presented in the commercial TV'S advertisement. This study aimed at revealing the representation of Islam identity through Indonesian veiled women on the commercial television's advertisement. This study was descriptive qualitative by using cultural studies approach that applied in the concept of representation, identity by Stuart Hall, gender and the ideological view on patriarchy. The compiled data was limited to two commercial TV'S advertisements; Wardah make up and Resik-V Manjakani intimate wash. The result showed that the veiled women on the two advertisements represented the modesty, piety, and modernity in wearing veil as the parts of Islam identity. Modesty involved the obedience on following the religion instruction and the Islamic values in social life especially on how Muslim women should dress (covering their body and hair; aurat). Piety could be both religious values in Islam (involved covering aurat) and patriarchal ideology stressed on the ideal Muslim women from the male's perspective (husband). Modernity referred to the development of fashion Muslim women in Indonesia, especially on how the veiled women used a certain style of veisl either for their daily activity or any special occasions. In conclusion, the two advertisements in representing the Islam identity through Indonesian veiled women were projected and legitimized by the ideology of patriarchy. Moreover, it was the effect of social construction in generalizing that a good women or good wives were those who can give the pleasure for their husband.
ISBN: 978-94-6252-462-0
ISSN: 2352-5398
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