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Title: Dynamics of moslem scholars in Jakarta : the role of Ahmad Zayadi in Klender East Jakarta
Authors: Abd.Wahid Hasyim
Issue Date: Jan-2018
Abstract: This study investigates the role of Ahmad Zayadi in developing religious social transformation in Klender East Jakarta. Based on the 2003 census, the population of Klender was 57,648 people and most of them are Muslim. However, their religious understanding was still relatively weak, and the level of education was left far behind compared to other areas in Jakarta. These conditions encouraged Zayadi, a charismatic scholar, Betawi-Banten descent, to preach through recitations in mosques and the modest mosque inherited by his great-grandfather. Even prior to his demise, he built Islamic educational institutions and other formal educational institutions in a classical manner, including elementary schools, senior high schools and colleges. The Islamic educational institutions and other formal educational institutions still exist until now and many of its alumni take part in the modern and global society. This research uses Qualitative analysis with a historical and social approach to analyze the data. The findings indicated that during his life from 1933 to 1994 Zayadi had been involved in religious, educational, and social movements that make him to be considered one of the three of the most respected Islamic scholars in Jakarta.
ISSN: 978-94-6252462-0
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