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Title: "Deiksis" dalam nazam tarekat karya K.H. Ahmad Ar-Rifai Kalisalak tinjauan pragmatik
Authors: Darsita Suparno
Keywords: social deixis;puisi perlawanan dari pesantren;tanbih;Jawi
Issue Date: 14-Oct-2016
Publisher: Dialektika
Abstract: This study attempted to describe the use of deixis in Puisi Perlawanan dari Pesantren. Deixis understood as part of a pragmatic study therefore, deixis is one object of the field of study pragmatics. The problems in this study are namely: 1) what types of deixis are there in this poetry; 2) what is the intention of using social deixis. The purposes are going to be achieved by this study are such as: 1) to describe the various types of deixis, 2) to describe the intention of using social deixis. The object of this study are namely: the various types of deixis, intention and relationship of social deixis. The subject of this research is the poem which is written by K.H. Ahmad ar-Rifai Kalisalak that is edited and translated from Jawi to Java by M. Adib Misbachul Islam. The data in this study are namely: words, phrases, sentences, in the form of couplet in which there are different types and intention of using social deixis. There are two data resources, namely: primary data source in the form of peom and secondary data sources related literature. Data collection techniques in this study using documentation. The results of this study indicate that there are 4,864 couplets, which is divided into 24 Tanbih ‘note or warning’. In this article there are three types of deixis. There are 25 deixis place, and there are 11 persona deixis, then there are 10 social deixis. It consists 3 types of titles, 2 types of social deixis positions, and 5 nicknames social deixis.
ISSN: 2407-506X
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