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Title: Sejarah politik bahasa dan sastra Indonesia modern
Authors: Darsita Suparno
Keywords: Indonesian national language;literature;language
Issue Date: Jan-2013
Publisher: Jurnal Kalijaga
Abstract: The objective of this paper is to share a discussion framework that can be used to see if what i happening to the politic history of Indonesian language and literature in modern situation can be predicted, that, is, whether they are experiencing language and literature development from one periode to another periode. Infernces are drawn from the finding of research studies on the use of Indonesian language history, Indonesian literature history, and Indonesian National Language Policy, all of suggest that the role of government correlates with language and literature policy. Some sociolingusitic concepts used in the discussion shows that Indoenesian and its literature have positives development in globalization era. Halim’s theory of language policy and Haugen’s theory of language planning are highlighted.
ISSN: 2302-6758
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