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Title: Anarchism Conceptanalysis Of Assassin’s Creed Ii Video Game Through The Theory Of Narrative
Authors: Aliffaiz Achmad Iman Naufal Octavideta
Advisors: Maria Ulfa
Keywords: Prose Narrative;Video Games Narrative;Anarchism;Assassin’s Creed II;Socio-Politics.
Issue Date: 8-Dec-2017
Publisher: Fakultas Adab & Humaniora
Abstract: This thesis examines the narration ofAssassin’s Creed II (2009) video game, directed by Patrice Desilets and produced by UbisoftStudio Montreal. The purpose and significance of this research are to understand, analyze and explain the narration of video game in literary perspective or literary study and the anarchism issues in the video game. Using qualitative method and descriptive analysis technique, this research explains the video games narrative aspects studied in literary studies and also to explain the conflict that occurred in the video games by using philosophical socio-politics concept of anarchism. The narrative of Assassin’s Creed II video games has narrative structure like the other forms of fiction as it is researched through literary narrative theory. The video game also has its own narrative theory as it synergic with the theory of narrative. The anarchism issues shown in Assassin’s Creed IIare shown within the video game through the narrative and video games theory, as it shown socio-politics struggle between characters.The class war between the oppresed and the oppressor started when oppressive state start to produce a reaction among people to revolution progress as it a part of communist anarchism, while the liberation act based on the individulist anarchism. Anarchists act that performed/showed by Ezio and the Assassins is pretty succesful. The regime of oppresions mostly was defeated and not to replaced by new authority. Keywords: Prose Narrative, Video Games Narrative, Anarchism, Assassin’s Creed II, Socio-Politics.
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