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Title: Propose of critical success factors for e-hajj implementation in Indonesia
Authors: Ahmad Fauzie
Dana Indra Sensuse
Indra Budi
Wahyu Catur Wibowo
Raisiffah Kunthi
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: @Medwell Journals
Series/Report no.: Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences 12(7);1806-1810
Abstract: Failures in many e-governments implementation in various countries including in Indonesia are caused by various factors. So that, it is necessary to identify the factors that can determine the level of success of e-government in the country. This study intends to propose factors that can determine the success rate of implementation of e-hajj in Indonesia as one of e-government implementation. We use top-down approach to identify Critical Success Factors (CSF) as the methodology that consist of four phases. First, we use ITPOSMO to investigate the existing models. Second, we collect key success factors from literatures in preparation process. Third, we merge all of the finding key success factors by mapping them to ITPOSMO model. Fourth, in data analysis process, we analyze those factors based on their appropriate elements in IT POSMO for e-hajj implementation CSF. As a results, we propose 82 factors as the CSF for e-hajj implementation in Indonesia that categorized into six elements in ITPOSMO.
ISSN: 1816-949X
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