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Title: D&T: an euclidean distance optimization based intelligent donation system model for solving the community's problem
Authors: Ditdit Nugeraha Utama
Eri Rustamaji
Ibnu Qoyim
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: IOP Publishing
Series/Report no.: Journal of Physics: Cont.;DOI: 1742-6596/801/1/012005
Abstract: The trust is a main difficulty to propose a donation system to the community. A specific information system is scientifically estimated able to escalate the trust level of one community in donating; where, their donation can reinforce them to solve the socioeconomic problem in one region. The concept of fuzzy-logic has been practically embedded in measuring an inequality index of socioeconomic aspect, particularly for health and education sectors. Moreover, the concept of the Euclidean distance measurement is operated to measure the distance value of two parameters (geographical location and inequality). The hill-climbing optimization method that can recommend the most recommended donation recipient is embedded into system model to meet donor and recipient of donation. Here the intelligent donation system model is scientifically constructed. The proposed system model undoubtedly can solve the socioeconomic problem in one community. In this study, the urban village Sawah, Ciputat, Indonesia was taken as an object of the research where the empirical data coming from.
ISSN: Series 801 (2017) 012005
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