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Title: Evaluation of the Governance of Information Technology at Pertamina’s Central Hospital Used Framework Cobit 5
Authors: Jilan Credo
Suci Ratnawati
Issue Date: Nov-2014
Publisher: Conference: 2014 International Conference on Cyber and IT Service Management (CITSM)
Series/Report no.: 10.1109/CITSM.2014.7042167;
Abstract: Pertamina’s Central Hospital (RSPP) is a hospital which implements up-to-date by applying the concept of some systems that support each activity. Any information system that is integrated with other systems, but some RSPP owned systems are information systems of inpatient care, Ambulatory information systems, Lab information systems, Radiology information system and information systems Pharmacy (Pharmacy). In the implementation of information systems that exist still have constraints on human resources (HR) such as: there is still a human error in input patient data, lack of socialization in the use of the IT Division of the RSPP to user primarily to doctors, and the lack of training given to the IT Division to the new user . It needs to be held to evaluate the resources owned, in order to keep excellence and ready to face the competition. This evaluation was done using the Framework COBIT 5 focused on the domain APO07 (Manage human resources) using the likert scale to know the Capability Level on APO07 in the RSPP using steps Initiation, Planning the Assessment, Briefing, Data Collection, Data Validation, Process-Level Attribute, And, Reporting the Result, then the obtained Level Capabilityfor the current state (as is)is 3.04 or were on level 3 Established Processdoes the RSPP has to policy in manage human resources and execute policyAccording to the applicable procedures and managed them well.As for the condition of expected (to be) of 4.06 or are at level 4 Predictable Processmeans a predetermined policy operated with limitations in doing work so that the work done is able to achieve its predetermined expectations.
ISSN: Conference: 2014 International Conference on Cyber and IT Service Management (CITSM)
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