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Title: Pengembangan kurikulum berbasis kompetensi dan strategi pencapaian
Authors: Fitroh
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Studia Informatika, Jurnal Sistem Informasi
Series/Report no.: 4(2), 2011;1-7
Abstract: Information System Department, Faculty of Science and Technology Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University today is active to develop competency-based curriculum planning. Curriculum development is a comprehensive term, in which includes planning, implementation and evaluation. Curriculum planning is the first step in building competency-based curriculum, which expected success. The required curriculum development needed curriculum which includes: 1) philosophical foundation, 2) social and religious foundation, 3) the basis of science knowledge, technology and art, 4) the foundation needs of society, and 5) foundation of community development. The general principle is development of curriculum relevance, flexibility, continuity, practical and effectiveness. Specific principle of curriculum development with regard to educational goals, principles about choice of educational content, the principles on learning process, the principles about choice media and learning tools, and principles with regard to the choice of assessment activities, but development curriculum in Information Systems Studies Program must uses the principle that develop in daily life or even creating their own new principles that can used as the hallmark of all his Information System.
ISSN: 1979-0767
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