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Title: Tesis Konstruksi Pemberitaan Media Online Indonesia Terhadap Isis (Analisis Framing Kompas.Com, Okezone.Com, Tempo.Co, Dan Republika.Co.Id)
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Authors: Musyaffa
Advisors: Armawati Arbi
Keywords: ISIS;ISIS, media,;online;framing,;news.
Issue Date: Jan-2017
Publisher: Fakultas Ilmu Dakwah dan Ilmu Komunikasi Universitas Islam Negeri Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta
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Abstract: ABSTRACT,,, and depend on reality of framing. Those media have ideology that would like to influence ISIS news form in Indonesia. All of media has creativity, based on jurnalist who creates the news from important issue. So that, the news would be predominated by those media which is urgent agenda. We’ve known that those media are different. It’s like ISIS, may be appear to audience, because media construction. By that reason, it appears the questions to become research question. The research questions; firsly, how do the four online media construct the news about ISIS based on framing analysis by Robert Entman version? By sub-questions; how do those online media define problems of ISIS? How do those online media diagnose causes of ISIS? How do those online media make moral judgements? How do those online media do treatment recommendations of ISIS? Secondly, what different do those online media frame the news of ISIS? The goals of the reseach; to know construction of ISIS news in these online media, to know defining problems, diagnosing causes, making moral judgements, and making treatment recommendations from the ISIS news in these online media. And, to know the different of framing the ISIS news by themselves. This research uses framing analysis by Robert N. Entman version. The research result; 1). There are four main loci or categories, namely; ISIS is a terorism movement, how to counter attack ISIS, ISIS; media and propaganda, and the existention of ISIS in Indonesia. 2). Most of news in these all media talks abaut how to counter-attack ISIS, except The main point is in this research; the four media will be media literacy to educate viewers or readers in Indonesia. Keywords; ISIS, media, online, framing, news.
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