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Title: The influence of policy intervention, personal factor, and physical environmental factor on pro-environmental behavior
Authors: Agustin Yolandari
Jahja Umar
Keywords: pro-environmental behavior;interventions policy;attitude towards pro- environmental behavior;subjective norm, perceived behavioral control (PBC);environmental knowledge;physical environmental factors
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2017
Publisher: Jakarta : JP3I, 2017
Series/Report no.: vol. VI No. 1 Ed. Januari 2017;
Abstract: Pro-environmental behavior is an act to protect and minimize the negative impacts of human activities on the environment. The purpose from this study is to determine whetherthere's influence from interventions policy, attitude towards pro-environmental behavior, subjective norm, perceived behavioral control (PBC), environmental knowledge (system knowledge, action related knowledge, and knowledge effectiveness), physical environmental factors (physical family environmental factor and physical society environmental factor), gender and age on pro- environmental behavior. The samples are 201 people who lives in Depok and South Tangerang, who has implemented an intervention policy called "Community-based Waste Management" and the areas of which the intervention policy have not been applied. The sampling technique used is a non-probability sampling and the data analysis used is Multiple Regression Analysis on the level of significance at0.05. The results showed that there is a significant influence on the whole independent variable towards pro-environmental behavior (R2=40.1%). Minor hypothesis test results shows that there are 8 variables that have a significant influence on pro-environmental behavior which are interventions policy, subjective norm, perceived behavioral control (PBC), system knowledge, physical family environmental factor, age and interaction between policy intervention and action related knowledge.
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ISSN: 2089-6247
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