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dc.contributor.authorKhairul Ahmad Sanjaniid
dc.description.abstractThis study aims to determine the extent to which the effectiveness of the ratio of the use of zakat infak alms fund conducted by BAZIS DKI Jakarta. From the other side will also be seen from any factors related to the effectiveness of the use of funds Zakat infak and alms and causes of the cause, and to assess whether Jakarta BAZIS can be said to be effective in using zakat infak funds and alms in overcoming difficulty mustahik. This research uses descriptive qualitative approach. By describing a phenomenon or phenomenon in detail using the data that has been collected, then arrange it and describe it. The data used in the form of primary data obtained directly from the institute and secondary data obtained secra indirect and obtained from various literatures and other references. With data collection techniques in the form of field research using observation techniques, interviews and documentation studies. The result of the research shows that BAZIS DKI Jakarta can not utilize zakat infak and alms fund effectively with calculation ratio which is still below 50% from total property owned, it is proven from interview result that writer do indeed there are still many obstacles experienced by BAZIS DKI Jakarta in the use and distribution of zakat infak and alms funds, there are even most of the infak funds instead of deposits, and BAZIS DKI Jakarta also still hesitate to spend or leave a little zakat infak and alms fund in one period, because we know every the final balance of zakat infaq and alms funds will be the addition of the beginning balance in the next year and if every year leaves so much of the final balance it will lead to the accumulation of funds that have not been in use and in distributed to the mustahik in
dc.publisherJakarta: Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakartaid
dc.subjectEffectiveness Factor Analysis of Fund Usage Ratio Zakat Infak and Sedekah In BAZIS DKI Jakartaid
dc.titleAnalisis Faktor Efektivitas Rasio Penggunaan Dana Zakat Infak Dan Sedekah Pada Tahun 2010-2015 (Studi Pada Bazis Dki Jakarta)id
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