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Title: Portfolio Implementation As A Tool In Assessing Students’ Competences: Community Medicine Module Experience
Authors: Fika Ekayanti
Erike A. Suwarsono
Witri Ardini
Issue Date: 14-Apr-2014
Abstract: Community Medicine Module is one of the distinct module in Medical Study Program (MSP) of Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta. It represents the local specific competence of MSP, rural doctor. The module was held in public primary care services (Puskesmas) surrounding Tangerang district within 15 October to 14 November 2012. Portfolio was one of the assessment tool that contributed 40% of total summative. Students were asked to develop portfolios of their activities done in the module. Group of activities and information on how to develop the portfolio were given in the instruction book and explained in an interactive class session. Tutor in campus and preceptor in Puskesmas would have weekly discussion with a group of students to monitor students’ progress. Both tutors and preceptors have followed a workshop about the module and portfolio. Portfolio exam was held in the fifth week of the module. Based on qualitative analysis, portfolio showed clear description of students’ activities through reports and reflections. It can describe how deep the students’ analysis and level of competences in knowledge, skills and attitude. Other advantages of using portfolio were tutor can directly give feedback from students’ reports, students learned how to reflect and manage their time. By quantitative analysis that data were gathered by questionnaires, showed that 95% tutor and assessor supported the use of portfolio because it can assess all aspects of students’ competences, and 59.45% students also had the same views. However, the concern in module implementation were that the distant from Puskesmas and campus was too far, especially to meet the tutor; portfolio was time consuming; the discrepancies in score between the preceptors and tutors, and less feedback and easy score were given by the preceptor. Portfolio appropriately used as an assessment tool for students in clinical phase. Things to be concerned are time estimation, discussion process by preceptor and tutor, and result quantification to portfolio results.
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