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Title: Patients’ perception on Doctors’ performance in doctor-patient relationship
Authors: Fika Ekayanti
Issue Date: 15-Jan-2014
Publisher: APMEC
Abstract: Doctors’ professionalism in Indonesia nowadays has becoming a public and professional concern. Standard of competence of medical doctor in Indonesia has placed professionalism from the seventh position in 2006, to the first position of the first revision in 2012. However, the patients’ perception on the performance of doctors has not been well observed. The aim of this study was to identify the patients’ perception on doctors’ performance. This was a descriptive study with cross sectional design. It used consecutively 168 people as samples. Data was gathered by developing questionnaires with open ended question for having the reason. The study was done in the clinics surrounding of East Ciputat within September to October 2012. The result showed that 49% patients had constantly visited the same doctor with reasons were comfort feeling, suited with the medicine, caring, trust and good communication, whilst the rest 51% hadn’t. Patients’ perception on their confidence to the doctor was based on the doctors’ skills and experience (42%), the other were prescribed an excellent medicine, clear explanation, caring, honest, give solution and had specialization. Good doctor performance were friendly (60%), good communication skills (30%), and the rest were polite, unmaterialistic, calm inhandling patient, make comfort, patient, fair and caring (10%). Patients’ perception on doctors’ performance in a part of Indonesia was mostly related not only by the clinical skills, but also by the values they had, those were making comfort, good communication skills, caring, and other decent values related with interpersonal skills.
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