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Title: Portfolio as reflection instrument for undergraduate students in community medicine
Authors: Erike Anggraini Suwarsono
Fika Ekayanti
Issue Date: 25-Apr-2014
Publisher: Ottawa Conference
Abstract: Background: Self reflection is a skill that is required to be achieved by medical students. It is needed to establish the life long learner. A proficient competent doctor should conduct self reflection to enhance their professional performance. Summary of Work: This study was done in the clinical phase of community medicine module for 6th year medical students. The total was 55 students. They were asked to make their portfolios during their session in the primary health services and interaction with the community. The portfolio is also used as one of the assessment tools for the module. At the end of the module, they had to write a narrative reflection for their portfolio task. The students’ self reflection was analyzed qualitatively by two inter-raters to distinguish the process development of their professional performance in using the portfolio. Summary of Results: The first time they completed their self reflection, most of the students said that it was quite difficult to routinely prepare the portfolio in the community setting. The reasons were hard to memorize the correct drugs and condition of the health services. The knowledge gap between theory and reality of using portfolio were recognized and understood by all of the students. It was getting better over time. By reflecting on their experiences during every single task, they can analyze their performance and become aware of their problems at an earlier stage. By reflection, the development of students’ professional performance can be monitored whether increasing or not. Conclusions: Portfolio as an instrument for self reflection was a suitable choice for learning in the clinical setting. Take-home Messages: The skill of self reflection is important for doctors to achieve in order to develop and manage their characters on becoming a professionally competent doctor.
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