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Title: An Educational intervention of interprofessional learning in community based health care in indonesia: what did we learn from the pilot study?
Authors: Dwi Tyastuti
Hirotaka Onishi
Fika Ekayanti
Kiyoshi Kitamura
Keywords: evaluation program;educational intervention;interprofessional learning;community setting
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Journal of Education and Practice
Abstract: Interprofessional learning (IPL) in community based health care (CBHC) was a pilot model to promote interprofessional education and collaborative practice in Indonesia and to offer the opportunity for medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and public health students to have hands-on experiences in IPL in community settings. The purpose of this article is to describe the IPL program and its implementation in CBHC and to present the students’ reaction towards the program. The study was conducted at the State Islamic University in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2012. Sixty two third-year students, 20 faculty members as tutors, 20 people as standardized patients (SPs) and 15 real patients volunteered and completed this program. Students attended a four-day workshop, a two-day simulation and practiced IPL for two months. The evaluation program applied a mixed-method design and showed that the success of the program was due to designing the program based on theoretical grounds in learning and social domains, applying various teaching methods (small group learning techniques, practice-based learning, and reflective practice) and providing a supportive environment for informal activities. The usefulness of this program was evident from a significant quantifiable improvement in student satisfaction. However, the high rate of student withdrawal from the program was the main issue as the program was not integrated into the curriculum. It needs support from university structures to handle the complexity of professional curricula and the boundaries between faculty/disciplines.
ISSN: 2222-288X
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