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Title: Analisis Pengaruh Faktor Fundamental Dan Makroekonomi Terhadap Price To Earning Ratio Dalam Saham-Saham Bumn Sektor Infrastruktur
Authors: Muhammad Gifari Al Qadri
Advisors: Pudji Astuti
Keywords: Price Earning Ratio;Panel data;Indonesian State Owned Enterprises;Infrastructure;Gross Domestic Product;exchange rate;Price to Book Value;Earning Per Share, Earning Growth
Issue Date: 24-Oct-2017
Publisher: Jakarta: Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta
Abstract: Fundamental company measured by several indicators such as the level of earnings / profitability as measured by Earning Per Share (EPS) and Earning Growth (EG), and the book value of shares measured by the Price to Book Value (PBV). Macroeconomics factors measured by several variable such as exchange rate and Gross Domestic Product. This study uses panel data regression analysis with the help of software EViews 9. The test results stated that the variable that has positive influence on Price Earning Ratio (PER) is Price to Book Value (X_3) equal to 0,1334. While the variables that negatively affect the Price Earning Ratio (PER) is Earning Per Share (X_1) equal to -0.000296, Earning Growth (X_2) equal to -0.053935 and Rupiah Exchange Rate (X_4) equal to -1.050647. Gross Domestic Product (X_5) variable has no effect on Price Earning Ratio (Y). Adjusted R-square value of 0,856394 which shows the ability of the independent variable (X) used in this study include the Earning Per Share (X_1), Earning Growth (X_2), Price to Book Value (X_3), exchange rate (X_4), and Gross Domestic Product (X_5) can explain the dependent variable (Y) is Price Earning Ratio of 85,6394%, the rest is equal to 14,3606% explained by variables included in the model such as stock market prices, the level of liquidity, the level of solvability, risk investment, and other macroeconomic factors such as inflation and changes in interest rates.
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