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Title: The Translation Procedures of Neologism in the Strawberry Shortcake Bilingual Books
Authors: Kurnia Hesti
Advisors: Muhammad Farkhan
Keywords: Neologisms;Types of Neologisms;Translation Procedures
Issue Date: 19-Jul-2017
Abstract: This research was aimed to identify and analyze the types of neologisms in the four Strawberry Shortcake Bilingual Books, their translation procedures which were applied by the translators to translate the SL neologisms into the TL including analyze the translation procedures which are used to preserve the SL neologisms into the TL. By using qualitative analysis method, the writer described data analysis with related study of neologisms by Newmark’s theory. The data were collected by using content analysis technique which was only collecting the main data of neologisms and their translation procedures. The result showed that there were three types of neologisms which are occurred in these Bilingual Books such as new coinage, old word with new sense and transferred word. The Salon- O-Matic occurred in new coinage type, salon in old word with new sense type and smoothies, lemon bars, manicure, pedicure, pajamas, ballet, strawberry cheesecake, café and plum tart occurred in transferred word type. Meanwhile, the translators translated these neologisms in those types of neologisms by applying four translation procedures; couplet (transference and descriptive equivalent), transference, naturalization and functional equivalent. Furthermore, from these four translation procedures, there were only three translation procedures which still preserved them as SL neologisms based on their originality in the TL such as couplet, transference and naturalization.
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