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Title: Modulation of English-Indonesian Translation in Safe Haven Novel
Authors: Revi Riawanti
Advisors: Moh.Supardi
Keywords: Modulation;Communicative;Dynamic equivalence
Issue Date: 21-Jul-2017
Abstract: This research discussed aboutthe types of modulation of English-Indonesian translation in Safe Haven novel by Nicholas Sparks which translated into Bahasa Indonesia by Rosemary Kesauly entitled Safe Haven (Suaka Cinta). The objective of this research was aimed to know kinds of the alterations of view point in translating and transferring meaning and the message with its equivalent in Bahasa Indonesia as the target language. This research used qualitative method to produce descriptive data in the form of describing the application of modulation based on Vinay and Darbelnet’s theory.The data analysis was conducted by reading the SL text and the TL text, classifying the sentences based on the types of modulation in the terms of present time, and analyzing the sentences accompanied by the explanations based on the theories of modulation. After analyzing the data, five types of modulation were found in the translation ofSafe Haven novel that contained of eighteen data. They were: 6data of negated contrary, 11data of active for passive, 1 data of one part to another, 9data of free modulation, and 1 data of abstract for concrete
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