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Title: An Analysis of Main Characters Self Esteem in Pain and Gain Movie
Advisors: Addy Hasan
Keywords: Pain and Gain;Self Esteem;Hierarchy of Needs;Abraham H. Maslow
Issue Date: 3-May-2017
Abstract: This qualitative research is aims to discuss the problem on the main character in the movie pain and gain, in terms of fulfilling the needs of self esteem, along with the problem. this study is based on the theory of hierarchy of human needs by Abraham H. Maslow. this study also covers the problem of signs of a lack of self esteem. this study also illustrates how the main characters in fulfilling their needs to reach the stage of self esteem. the main characters look like they have filled all the needs they need from the physical needs to the needs of self-actualization, but the writer find some problems in the fulfillment of these needs, and the main characters feel less about something especially in the need for self esteem. The writer finds that the main character fulfills four levels of needs; physiological needs, safety needs, and love and belongingness needs, and self esteem need. the results of the research that the authors find are, the main characters are not perfect in completing and filling the need for self esteem especially on the recognition of others of financial status and property, although some kind of self esteem needs have been met. but for the main characters in this movie prefer to the money.Moreover the writer again found some consequences of the lack of need for self esteem and its bad consequences
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