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Title: Comparison between two models of curriculum in problem-based setting
Authors: Erike A Suwarsono
Marita Fadhilah
Francisca A Tjakradidjaja
Endah Wulandari
Devy Ariany
Issue Date: 4-Dec-2014
Abstract: Objectives: The study aims to compare the summative result between two similar modules intwo different models of curriculum. Method: The study used two similar content modules which was neuropsychiatry in scond year of new and third year of old curriculum. Both of modules were PBL approach, with different case scenarics but similar in learning autcomes. Each module was 6 week, with 2 summative examinations. The new curriculum began from physiogical to clinical problems. We measured the summative test result in each module. The summative test was MCOs, 94 items fort 1st and 84 items for 2nd and exactly the same. Result: By using Mann-Whitney, there was significant difference in second summative by using t-test (p=0.003). Surprisingly, based on box plot diagram, there were many outliers in the summative score of the old curriculum, but homogeneity score of the new one. Conclusion: Althaogh there was a significant different in each module, but there was heterogeneity score within the old curriculum. It could be the reason why the students from old curriculum still have a problem in integrating the basic to the clinical problems.
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