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Title: Quality Translation of Indonesian-English Narrative Text Displays in Monumen Pancasila Sakti
Authors: Ilma Rizqi Fatma Apriani
Advisors: Moh.Supardi
Keywords: Translation;text display;museum,;monumen pancasila sakti;assessment;translation quality.
Issue Date: 4-May-2017
Abstract: This research discusses about the accuracy translation of Indonesian-English narrative text display in Monumen Pancasila Sakti. The aim of this research is to find out translation errors based on some aspects of translation based on Benny Hoed’s theory and the translation accuracy by Nababan’s parameter of accuracy rates assessment theory. The researcher uses qualitative descriptive method to the objective of the researcher. The research using the researcher herself as a main instrument to get the data which is necessary in the process.The research reads repeatedly the narration both in Indonesia and English, marking the text, classifying and describing in the accuracy, and classifying in translation aspect. As the result of the research, the researcher finds some mistakes from SL and show the inappropriate of the translation which mostly occures in translation as a science in this research. As result, the translation quality is quiet accurate. Findings of the research show that: first, in diorama I are found the aspect of translation as a craft. Second, in diorama II, III, IV, and diorama V are found the aspect of translation as a science. Based on the result of translation version is accurate.
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