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Title: The Translation Strategy of Euphemism in Sycamore Row by John Grisham (An English-Indonesian Novel
Authors: Dewi Elvia Muthiariny
Advisors: M.Agus Suriadi
Keywords: Translation;Strategy;Euphemism;Euphemistic Expression;Novel
Issue Date: 12-Jul-2017
Abstract: In this research, the writer intended to know the translation strategy of understatement and overstatement as type of euphemism in English novel entitled Sycamore Row written by John Grisham into Indonesian version under title Di Bawah Pohon Sycamore translated by Lily Boyton. The writer used qualitative method by using translation strategy of euphemism and employed herself to collect data by reading the novel and its translation, marking the euphemistic expression, classifying into understatement and overstatement, selecting and analyzing them based on the theories of euphemism classification by Beatrice Warren and euphemism translation strategy by Peter Unseth. The result of this research revealed that there were ten euphemistic expressions were typed into understatement and five euphemistic expressions were typed into overstatement of euphemism. Three strategies were used by the translator; target language euphemism for six data, literal translation for five data, and plain language translation for four data. From the research finding, the writer concluded that the best strategy in translating euphemism is target language euphemism. However, all those strategies could deal with the translation result because it did not affect the original meaning. Thus, the translation result was successfully delivered by the translator of the target language by using those strategies
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