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Title: Orientalism in Million Dollar Arm Film (2014) Binary Opposition of the US and India.
Authors: Aliza Cipta Kusuma
Advisors: Ida Rosida
Keywords: Orientalism,;Binary Opposition;Edward Said;West Domination
Issue Date: 9-Jun-2017
Abstract: This thesis is aimed at showing how the West and the East are depicted through the characterization of characters and images in Million Dollar Arm (2014), a film directed by Craig Gillespie. The film was studied by using the descriptive qualitative method in analyzing. The analysis uses the theory of film, character and Orientalism discourse of Edward W. Said. This research uses qualitative method. From the data analysis, the result is the West and the East are divergently depicted in a very contrast way. The West is depicted by the US while the East is depicted by India. The West is depicted with more positive depictions, while the East is depicted with more negative depictions. India as the East is depicted as the orient which is weak, helpless and ignorance and the Los Angeles as the West is depicted as the helper, strong, and important to the East. This thesis finds that The West is the one who makes the East achieve their goals, and without them the East is nothing. The analysis encourages readers that after all, everything that are shown in the film is just an authority of someone’s works
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