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Title: The Translation Strategy and Accuracy of English Idiom into Indonesian in The Great Gatsby Novel
Authors: Hevi Indriani
Advisors: Moh.Supardi
Keywords: Accuracy,;Idiom;Strategy;Translation.
Issue Date: 8-Jun-2017
Abstract: This research focuses to find the types of idiom and to examine the translation strategy and accuracy of English idiom into Indonesian in The Great Gatsby novel by using qualitative method. The researcher collects the data by reading the original and translated novel and marks the idiom in the novel. After collecting the data, the researcher analyzes the data by classifying the types of idiom based on Seidl and Mc Mordie‟s theory about the classification of idiom type, analyzing the translation strategy that has been used by the translator to translate idiom based on Baker‟s theory, and analyzing the accuracy of idiomatic translation in accordance with the meaning and the context based on related theory about the translation accuracy by Larson. As the result, the types of idiom found in the novel are phrasal verb, verbal idiom, idiom from parts of the body, noun + preposition, noun phrase, and idiom of comparison. The translator seems prefer to use strategy of translating idiom by using similar meaning but dissimilar form. There are five idioms categorized into unclear translation and three idioms categorized into inaccurate translation, but overall the translation is accurate
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