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Title: Pengaruh Pajak Daerah Dan Retribusi Daerah Terhadap Kemandirian Keuangan Daerah Di Lima Kabupaten/Kota Provinsi Jawa Barat Tahun 2008-2014
Authors: Habibatul Mukarramah
Advisors: Zuhairan Y. Yunan
Keywords: Local Taxes;Local Retribution and Local Financial Independence Ratio
Issue Date: 8-Apr-2016
Publisher: Jakarta: Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta
Abstract: Local financial independence demonstrates the ability of Local Government to finance its own activities of governance, development and public service who have paid local taxes and retribution as a local revenue sources. This research aims to determine the influence of local taxes and local retribution to the local financial independence in 5 districts /cities in West Java Province 2008-2014, either simultaneously or partially. Variables used in this paper is the Local Taxes, Local Retrebution and Local Financial Independence ratio obtained from the website Direktorat Jenderal Perimbangan Keuangan. This study, using panel data regression of five districts / cities in the period 2008-2014. From the test results simultaneously obtained that local taxes and retribution significantly influence to local financial independence ratio, and the partial test showed that local taxes is significant on the ratio of local financial independence and retribution is not significant on the ratio of local financial.
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