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Title: Reinforcing student's vocabulary mastery through pictures
Authors: Ana Zulaecha
Advisors: Ratna Sari Dewi
Keywords: vocabulary, pictures
Publisher: UIN Syarif hidayatullah Jakarta : Fakultas Tarbiyah Dan Ilmu Keguruan, 2011
Series/Report no.: 0111-11-10393;7185 PBE t
Abstract: The objective of this study is aimed at knowing whether students‟ vocabulary could be improved by using pictures in the first year of SMP Prakarya Anjatan, Indramayu. In addition, this study is also aimed at describing how the implementation of pictures in improving students‟ vocabulary. This study is categorized as the Classroom Action Research (CAR) method in which to identify and to solve the problem on students‟ vocabulary. It is initiated through the interview the teacher and through the observation in the first grade of SMP Prakarya Anjatan, Indramayu; considered as the class whose vocabulary test score are very low. The amount students in that class are 29. In this Classroom Action Research, the writer implements the Kurt Lewin‟s design which consists of four phases. Those are planning, acting, observing, and reflecting. Meanwhile, the data is derived among from the test (pretest and posttest), interview, and observation. Therefore, this study is included a Classroom Action Research. The findings of this study are: (1) Related to the test result, there was 35.53% improvement of students‟ mean vocabulary score after using pictures; it gained from the pre-test result, there was 15 who passed the KKM. Then in the result of posttest in cycle 1, there were 26 or 89.65% students in the class who passed the KKM considering their mean score of the test is 70.86. Next in the result of posttest in the cycle 2, there are 29 or 100 % students who passed the KKM in which their mean score of vocabulary test derived 84.82. (2) Related to the observation result showed that the students were more active and interested in learning vocabulary activity in the classroom. Indeed, they could analyze the characteristics of pictures learning vocabulary. (3) Related to the interview result, it could be known that the students‟ vocabulary by using pictures has improved and also assisted the teacher in finding the appropriate strategy in teaching vocabulary.
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