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Title: Strategi Pendistribusian Zakat, Infak, Dan Sedekah (Zis) Di Badan Amil Zakat Nasional (Baznas) Kota Tangerang Selatan
Authors: Riyantama Wiradifa
Advisors: Desmadi Saharuddin
Keywords: Mechanism;Analysis SWOT;ZIS Distribution;Strategy
Issue Date: 18-May-2017
Publisher: Jakarta: Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta
Abstract: This study aims to find out how the mechanism and strategy BAZNAS Tangerang Selatan City in an effort to distribute ZIS funds, and how the application of ZIS distribution in BAZNAS Tangerang City south. In this research will be discussed about SWOT analysis to determine the strategy of distribution of ZIS in BAZNAS Tangerang Selatan City. The authors used an inductive qualitative research analysis to collect data specifically on the distribution of ZIS. The authors collect data by observation methods, interviews and documentation. The results of the research indicate that there are two things that can identify the distribution in ZIS, that is mechanism and distribution strategy. In the mechanism of distribution of ZIS, BAZNAS South Tangerang City performs activities free of usury and gharar. BAZNAS Kota Tang erang Selatan also determine the proportion in the distribution of ZIS from UPZ, BAZCAM, and UPZ Agencies by 20% in the form of zakat fitrah, and 94.5% in the form of zakat maal. In the strategy of distribution, BAZNAS South Tangerang City to determine the strategy by arranging internal strengths and weaknesses through RAKER, Implementation of strategies based on activities from RAKER, and evaluate the plan of marketing for the next year, and analyzing the SWOT, which is a personal approach to the community and use the facilities is in BAZNAS South Tangerang City. While the application of ZIS distribution in BAZNAS South Tangerang City has three types of distribution that is, traditional consumptive by distributing zakat fitrah, traditional productive by distributing scholarship aid, and creative productively by distributing capital aid and economic improvement of ummah. The type of distribution of ZIS is poured into three main programs, namely Tangsel Cerdas Program, Tangsel Modern Program, and Religious Tangsel Program for five asnafs, namely the poor, gharimin, muallaf, ibnu sabil and fisabilillah.
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