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Title: Evaluasi kontribusi pembiayaan musyarakah UMKM pada pendapatan BPRS Al-Salaam
Authors: Tri Budi Nuraini
Advisors: Yuke Rahmawati
Keywords: musyarakah;SWOT;revenue
Issue Date: 30-Mar-2017
Publisher: Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis
Abstract: Income is often used as a benchmark in assessing the welfare of a society and a country's economic success. For entrepreneurs revenues must be suppressed so the greater the profit obtained in order to develop the business and improve the welfare of the employees. In this case the BPRS Al-Salaam had to compete with other dominant financial institutions and has grown rapidly to develop revenue and increase welfare of the employees. Keen competition should be followed by measures a good strategy to survive in the business world, do not forget to continue to evaluate that the products used in Musharaka financing continues to grow so BPRS Al-Salaam revenue also increased. This research used descriptive qualitative approach that organizes all the data through direct observation and interviews with employees of BPRS Al-Salaam who concerned to this research, then become source of primary data. Using analysis tools, namely SWOT method in the form of tables IFAS and EFAS. From this research, the Author get some findings, including that BPRS Al-Salaam has not maximize the opportunities, such as lack of promotion and lack of educate the public about Musharaka financing, however BPRS Al-Salaam also has some strength , such as the strategic location and just only few Islamic banks has been implemented musharaka contract, so it can be utilized to continue developing Musharaka financing and BPRS Al-Salaam revenue could grow more rapidly. It is evident from the data that obtained by the Author, the number of BPRS Al-Salaam revenue from Musharaka financing in 2015 increased 11.97%, amounted to 390 million IDR, - in 2016 increased 88.03% amounted to 2,867,602,495 IDR, It shows that the increase of BPRS Al-Salaam revenue from musharaka financing in 2015 and 2016 amounted to 3,257,602,495 IDR.
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