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Title: Pengaruh struktur pasar terhadap kinerja BPRS di Indonesia
Authors: Sabrina Fitria
Advisors: M. Nadratuzzaman Hosen
Keywords: islamic rural bank;VECM;OLS;peformance;banks;market structure
Issue Date: 28-Feb-2017
Publisher: Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis
Abstract: Islamic Rural Banks (IRB) are slowly being threatened by Islamic Commercial Banks (ICB) and Islamic Business Unit of a Conventional Banks (IBCB). Using data from 2010-2015, this study aims to analyze market boundary between IRB, ICB, and IBCB. This study also has a purpose to determine market structure among Islamic banks in Indonesia. The result will be used to identify whether market structure influences performance of IRB. By using OLS and VECM methods, this study shows that IRB, ICB, and IBCB have always been in the same market in terms of financing. Nevertheless, IRB is in almost almost monopolistic market competition without ICB-IBCB. Despite the finding that ICB-IBCB dominate financing market, this research shows that there is no significant influence between market concentration towards profitability. However, the high level domination of ICB-IBCB tend to increase financing risk faced by IRB. Moreover, this influence between concentration rate toward financing risk decrease year by year.
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