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Title: Analisis kinerja Baitul Maal Wattamwil (BMT) Mekar Dakwah Serpong Tangerang Selatan dalam perspektif balanced scorecard periode 2012-2015
Authors: Rahmi Azizah
Advisors: Abdurrauf
Keywords: performance;BMT;balanced scorecard
Issue Date: Jan-2017
Publisher: Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis
Abstract: The financial sector has an important role in stimulating the national economy, especially in the micro business in order to have a strong economic base. It can be started from the public medium that turns the microfinance institutions as an instrument of strategic and effective way to reach out to micro-enterprises. BMT is one of the Islamic financial institutions classified the smallest institutions within the scope of Islamic financial institutions are oriented to the poor, middle and lower. But the people's preference to capital on informal institutions such as money lenders inhibit the development of BMT. This study aims to plan and evaluate the performance of BMT Mekar Dakwah order to be able to expand then look at the dominant effect on the performance indicators of the balanced scorecard method. The type of data used are primary and secondary data. The primary data obtained through interviews and questionnaires, while secondary data obtained through the study of literature, literature and financial reports. The results showed the performance assessment for the period 2012-2015 BMT Mekar Dakwah using balanced scorecard method is based on the criteria of the final value of the performance score is classified at the cooperative condition "very healthy", with 'A' category on 75.07 score. Performance four perspectives demonstrate the influence of each on the performance of BMT. On the financial perspective, a contribution of 50.52% with a value of 12.63. At the customer's perspective, the contribution made to the BMT Mekar Dakwah of 77.52% with a value of 19.38. Internal Business Perspective dominates with 89.52% with a value of 22.38 against the performance appraisal. Last Learning and Growth perspective has contributed 82.80% to the value of 20.70.
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